From album At The Crest
First single from my new album At The Crest
Album out November 18th:

Rain From A Blue Sky

Composer: Jonas Colstrup

Choir: Theatre of Voices
Recorded 24.03.2021 in Garnisonskirken, Sct Annæ Plads
Recording engineer: August Wangren

Conducted by Poul Emborg

Soprano: Else Torp
Soprano: Carina Tybjerg Madsen
Alto: Signe Asmussen Manuitt
Alto: Laura Lamph
Tenor: Jakob Skjoldborg
Bass: Mikkel Tuxen

Artistic director: Paul Hillier

Orchestra: Budapest Art Orchestra
Recorded the 18.04.2021 in Hungarian Radio, Studio No.22, Budapest
Conducted by Peter Pejtsik
Recording and Mixing Engineer: Gabor Buczko
Orchestra Contractor: Miklos Likacs Jr.

Orchestrator: Thomas Bryla
Copyist: Andeas Christensen

Mixed by August Wanngren

Mastered at Stockholm Mastering AB, Sweden
Mastering Engineer: Thomas Eberger

Released on 7K! Records

Published by Mute Song Ltd

Editor and Colorgrade: Andreas Birch Eriksen

Video shot in Iceland 2021
DOP: Viktor A. Bogdanski / Blindspot framleidsla

(P) 2022 7K! – a division of K7 Music GmbH

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