Spring Zephyrs (Lorenzo Tempesti)

In the early spring days, the pungent cold of winter is mitigated by the first breaths of a warm, light wind, which brings serenity and then gradually increasing vigor that restores life to living beings. A piece built on a minimal ostinato of the piano (left hand), with a growing completion that, in addition to a progressive intensification of the dynamics and rhythm of the right hand, sees the increasingly decisive intervention of an orchestra of strings. Suitable for: film music, drama and ballet, documentaries, background for tales, commercials (listen to the second part).

FULL 5:30 TRACK ON https://open.spotify.com/track/72yXe8rbSotAD6fE8fAqAI?si=8d8FU2kaRy-sw9Q4hzYMNg

LICENSING ON https://www.bestproductionmusic.com

(C) & (P) Lorenzo Tempesti 2019

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