Nico Pistolesi – The Door is Open

About hospitality and openness “The Door is Open” is about hospitality and openness. Each one of us has their own way of seeing the things that life offers us, but hospitality and openness to the new should be two aces up every person’s sleeve. The song tells of a distant place and of the difficulties that can be found during our journey. Arrival is not always essential, it is often the present that gives us the most intense emotions.

The Door is Open – November 6th (1st Single)
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Pre Save the album “Home” (out on December 4th) here :

Shot in October 2020 at Villa Castellaccia in Giuncarico, Tuscany and Follonica.

Villa Castellaccia has been for many years a meeting place for writers and artists including Federico Fellini, Italo Calvino, Pietro Citati, the writer who guarded the villa for 40 years, and many others.

Special thanks to : Irene Zurri, Giulia Bardini, Villa Castellaccia, Believe Music Italia.

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