Jaime Cid – Days Walking

Jaime Cid – Days Walking

CinematicmusicI wanted to do something simple since lately I was using many layers in my songs and it’s a good thing to take a different approach from time to time to unleash creativity and new ideas. The piano gave me the character I was looking for: I was thinking about a long walk, maybe in the mountains, maybe in the city. I will let the imagination decide that and the music can be the guide.

Hi, I am Jaime Cid, I’m a composer and music producer based in Santiago, Chile, the southernmost country in the world. Living in this land has given me the opportunity to visit many otherworldly and beautiful places. The landscapes have helped me with inspiration and I think this can be heard in the music style I’ve developed throughout the years. All the music on my channel are original compositions produced, recorded mixed and mastered by myself. The videos are sound visualizers I (too) make in Blender, just to keep the experience more interesting. I’m uploading 2 songs per month during the first half of 2021, and later this year I will release an official album featuring only new unreleased compositions.

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