New Spring brought warmth and colors… Memories of the first years together showed back, gaining strength, overpowering the turmoil.

She was changing her list of Rights and Wrongs, Shoulds and Shouldn’ts. Her abandoned piano got to feel her touch again, shy and timid, raging and hopeful. Through those keys she was discovering back her whole self.

He was building a treehouse on their backyard, on a blue spruce tree… hammering hundreds of nails through its branches,
hurting his hands with its needles… but healing through this catharsic zen of…

CONTEMPLATION… The tenth track from my new album “Yet Another Love Story”, telling the story of my love and music: from the anticipation of the first date, from the surprise and joy of new relations to the moments of doubt and fear, disgust and anger, followed by guilt, sadness and contemplation. But above all it always comes down to trust and love.


From me to you,
into eternal story,
with love in every note I play.