The EP “Caronte a Venezia,” composed by pianist Alberto Marson and accordionist Luca Marzano, is a musical journey that invites listeners to explore the depths of the soul and the quest for inner healing. Consisting of four tracks—”Caronte a Venezia,” “Anima Smarrita,” “Psicostasia,” and “Rinascita”—this work represents a dreamlike experience and spiritual introspection.


  1. Caronte a Venezia: The opening track, “Caronte a Venezia,” serves as a splendid introduction to the EP. The piece immediately evokes the atmosphere of Venice, with Marson’s piano notes perfectly blending with Marzano’s accordion. The imagery of the mythological ferryman Charon guiding us through the canals of Venice is vividly rendered through the music, creating a sense of anticipation and mystery.
  2. Anima Smarrita: In “Anima Smarrita,” the notes become darker and more introspective. Marzano’s accordion adds a touch of melancholy, while Marson’s piano explores themes of loss and disorientation. This track invites the listener to reflect on their inner demons and the challenges faced on the path to healing.
  3. Psicostasia: The third track, “Psicostasia,” takes its name from the ancient Egyptian ritual of weighing the soul. Here, the music becomes a means of balance and judgment. The melodies intertwine in a musical dialogue representing the confrontation between good and evil, light and shadow. Marson and Marzano’s mastery in creating complex and enveloping soundscapes is evident in this piece.
  4. Rinascita: The EP concludes with “Rinascita,” a track symbolizing purification and a new beginning. The notes of the piano and accordion rise in a crescendo of hope and renewal. This track leads the listener to a cathartic conclusion, marking the end of the dreamlike journey and the beginning of a new phase of life.

Author’s Presentation

Alberto Marson describes “Caronte a Venezia” as a dreamlike journey towards inner healing, guided by the mythological figure of Charon who ferries us through the waters of Venice. Marson sees Venice as a city with a dual nature, capable of evoking both an external and internal journey. This EP is his musical tribute to this experience, offered to all those seeking peace and soul regeneration.

Biography and Artistic Vision

Alberto Marson, an Italian composer and pianist, began playing the piano by ear at the age of four. After studying privately with Maestro Virginio Zoccatelli and at the “F. Venezze” Conservatory, Marson dedicated himself to film composition and musical improvisation, blending various genres and soundscapes. Marson considers improvisation as a revelation of the present moment, an unrepeatable experience that vibrates with emotion and truth. This spontaneous approach is the foundation of his compositions, and the musicians who collaborate with him share this creative philosophy.


“Caronte a Venezia” is an EP that successfully transports the listener on a deep and transformative emotional journey. Alberto Marson and Luca Marzano create a rich sound world full of nuances and meanings, where each note contributes to telling a story of inner quest and rebirth. This work is a splendid example of how music can become a vehicle for soul exploration and healing.