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“La Valse Du Capitaine” by Sophie Riviere

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“La Valse Du Capitaine” is a solo piano piece that perfectly encapsulates the musical poetry and style of Sophie Riviere, a pianist and composer from the island of Noirmoutier in France. Her music is deeply influenced by the maritime world, having spent her childhood surrounded by sea stories told by her father, a long-distance merchant marine captain and music enthusiast. This composition embodies the fusion of neoclassicism and minimalism, transporting the listener on a nostalgic journey through childhood memories and the natural beauty of the island.

“Endless” is a piano piece composed and performed by Daniela Spadini, a talented Italian pianist with a strong classical background. Her passion for the piano began at a young age, and her career has been marked by a profound connection with her teacher, whose untimely death left a lasting impact on her life and musical journey.

“Primi canti” by Davide Sammarchi

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“Primi canti” is a captivating piece by the talented Italian pianist and composer Davide Sammarchi, born in 1997 in a small town near Siena. This piece is a perfect example of his unique style, which harmoniously blends elements of classical music with contemporary influences, creating a sound experience that is both nostalgic and innovative.

“Come Closer” by Susanne Darre

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Susanne Darre: A Norwegian Talent in Modern Classical and Ambient Music

Susanne Darre is a Norwegian composer and pianist specializing in modern classical and ambient music. Her delicate and emotive piano melodies are created in an old wooden barn situated in the heart of Arctic Norway, an environment that conveys both peace and the majesty of the surrounding nature.

News | Adagio in D Minor by Fabrizio Brugnera, Edoardo Gastaldi and Davide Fasiello

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As 2024 faces a new blooming spring, so does this Magazine. We, Edoardo Gastaldi and Davide Fasiello, would like to celebrate our takeover as owners of the Modern Classical Music Blog by presenting our new piano composition, written in collaboration with Fabrizio Brugnera: “Adagio in D Minor”. The piece is aimed at navigating the interplay between classical and modern classical genres, driving the listener in a constant balance between technical structure and immersive feelings.

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